Borderlands Explorer (Self-guided)

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Adventure through the ancient Finnish frontier will give you an ultimate wilderness experience. The forests and waters around Repovesi National Park have attracted people since the Stone Age. Various rock paintings makes you truly feel the way of living in the old days. Rich nature and waterways have been crucial for people in earlier centuries. 

Self-guided adventure

Borderlands Explorer is a self-guided adventure meant for people who want to discover world on their own. All participants must have previous experience of kayaking. 

If you don't have the needed experience in kayaking, contact us for guided version or learn more about Tree People Ecocamp.

The adventure begins at Repovesi National Park

Your adventure begins at Lapinsalmi, the southern entrance to Repovesi National park. Repovesi is one of the most popular and enjoyed national parks in Finland.

Our guide will welcome you in the morning at Lapinsalmi. You will get your gear for paddling trip: kayaks, lifejackets, maps & directions. And if you have purchased any add-ons or upgrades, those will be delivered as well. The day's paddling distance will be between 15 and 20 km. Route choice is dependent on weather conditions. This leg does not require high fitness level but you should be in moderate condition to do your share.

There is lot to see on the way and you can stop for coffee or stretch your legs between lakes and islands. The landscape varies between open lake views, narrow water crossings & wetlands. Sounds, birdlife, colours and scents will boost your senses -  Genuine Outdoor Life.

In the afternoon, depending on the weather and pace, you will have an opportunity to see a real local life at Vuohijärvi village. You can visit Vuohijärvi nature- and culture house or do some small shopping at the local grocery shop.

The last bit of your paddling takes approximaterly one hour. You will arrive to Tentsile Experience Camp up in the trees on the late afternoon. 

On the Tentsile Experience Camp you have your own beach, a beautiful natural shore for swimming in the lake. Cooking on campfire creates adventurous athmosphere and warms you up in cooler nights. The light of the Finnish summer night will treat you all night long on June. From July onwards nights are getting darker. Nevertheless the sun goes down late, so you have time to settle.

Heading to picturesque Mill Village Verla, UNESCO World Heritage Site

After breakfast next morning, it's time to pack your gear and leave no trace. On the second day kayaks will take you through the lakes and narrow waterways towards the UNESCO’s World Heritage Site Verla. The day's route is part of the old logging network and many of the structures are still visible if you look closely. Since you are going downstream the paddling should be very pleasant. The scenery differs from day one and the distance is a little shorter.

In the afternoon you will arrive at the end of this leg to picturesque Mill Village called Verla. Verla has been famous for the production of white board which was sold on the domestic market and exported to Russia, Central Europe, and even as far away as South America. The brick architecture of the Verla Mill has been inspired by the industrial architecture of England and Germany. There is a wealth of ornamental brickwork, and the buildings are given a distinctive look by the pillared projections, the facade ornamentation evocative of a church, and the imaginative decoration of the roof. Verla received UNESCO’s World Heritage Site status in 1996. 

After landing the kayaks you have an opportunity to take a closer look at this beautiful village and soak in to the old atmosphere. And if you have booked an accommodation from Verla for the next night it's time to check in. 

Borderlands Explorer includes

  • Program: 2 days and one night up in a tree
  • Logistics for the luggage and other belongings from start to finish
  • Kayaks from Lapinsalmi Entrance, Repovesi National Park to World Heritage Site Verla
  • Drinking water at Tentsile Experience Camp
  • Lots of interesting and beautiful places along the way 
  • Tentsile Experience Camp in the most unique and beautiful location. One night in a tree. 
  • Beautiful natural shore for swimming in the lake
  • Fireplace and firewood


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Tervarumpu / Repovalkea Oy
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Y-tunnus: 2363958-7
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