Safety instructions 

When moving to the museum area, visitors must cross the Verlantie-road and watch out for traffic. While walking along the road, for example to the workers’ housing exhibition or the start of the forestry trail, visitors should observe general traffic regulations. There is occasional service traffic in the museum area, and a service and maintenance road runs through the area. There are areas with risk of falling at the end and the west side of the drying plant.

Dangerous current: The car park ends almost directly at the Verlankoski rapids, where the current is very strong. There are 2 power plants about 150 metres downstream. There are also dangerous currents past these power plants. It is dangerous to move or stay near the river bank.
The floors of the old mill buildings are uneven in places, and there are rails and turning wheels, so visitors should be cautious. The tour also includes steep staircases, which should be navigated carefully.

In the event of an accident, the assembly point is the museum car park.

For security reasons, entry to KSS Energia Oy’s power plant area is prohibited.

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