VB 14: Arkko

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Midsummer in Arkko (4 days, 20-24 June) offers you the perfect opportunity to get away from it all and enjoy the beautiful Finnish summer by the water, with a sauna and barbecue in the beautifully maintained yard.

Arkko has been named after its last residents. Väinö and Hilda Arkko were warm-spirited Verla denizens who moved to the cottage in the middle of the 1950's. Väinö worked at the factory as a greaser, and he had a lot of stories of Verla. Hilda was a chef who valued hospitality above all else. Hilda could often be found at a party in Seuratalo even in her golden years, hosting and brewing coffee.

Valkeala Bostad 14 was built in 1898. Its first occupants were apparently the Karppinen family. Tobias Karppinen came to work at the factory in 1887 and retired in 1940. Originally from Oravala, Tobias worked in the factory as a sander and later also as a night guard. Other members of the family were his wife, Eeva-Stiina, and their daughter, Anna. The linden tree in the yard was planted by Tobias Karppinen. He sold the cottage to the factory in 1911. 

Later the cottage became known as Vesa's Cottage, when Anna married Kustaa Vesa and they settled in Anna's father's cottage. Kustaa operated the press in the factory. Kustaa and Anna had children, Eeva and Eino. At least Eino worked at the factory, in the same job as his father, and continued to live in the cottage until he bought a house of his own. 

Cottage and Yard

Arkko is a fully renovated wood cottage built in 1898. It has a spacious kitchen-living room. The main building is 30 square meters, and at the shore there is also a sauna and a bedchamber. The cottage is fit for winter habitation, and it houses four to six people. 

Note: Finnish winter quite often includes lots of snow. So be prepared to do some snow removal when you arrive.   


The cottage is located approximately one kilometer from the Mill Museum at the Vähä-Kamponen shore, downstream of Verlankoski. The cottage has road access.

Location on map: On Google Map 
Google Street view: Arkko viewed from the road 

Cabin Equipment

Main building

  • equipped for 6 persons

  • electric lighting

  • electric heating

  • refrigerator-freezer

  • dish washer

  • microwave oven

  • electric stove

  • coffee maker

  • running water

  • vacuum cleaner

  • double bed and sleep sofa (4 persons)

Lakeside Sauna

  • electric lighting

  • electric heating

  • toilet

  • wood-heated sauna

  • shower

  • sleep sofa (2 persons)

Note: Bed linen or towels are not included. Remember to bring your own.

Reservation and Use

The cottage is reservable only through the online booking system. The reservation process begins by clicking the "Reserve" button under the main image. If you'd like to book more than one cottage at a time, add each of them to the shopping basket and only go to checkout once all of them have been added to your basket.

The cottage is at your disposal from 3 PM on the arrival date until 11 AM at the end date. The guests may visit the cabin only during the reservation period.


The keys are located in a key box directly at the cottage. A PIN code is sent as an SMS message to the phone number the guest entered upon ordering approximately two hours before the reservation start.

The guest is responsible for the key for the entire duration of the reservation. The key must be returned immediately after the stay to the same key box from which it was collected. Failure to return the key results in a charge defined in the Terms and Conditions.

Cleanliness, Final Cleaning and Trash

The Guest is responsible for the cleanliness of the cottage, its yard and all attached services.

The cottage must be thoroughly cleaned after use so that the next visitor will have a pleasant arrival at Verla.

Trash should be sealed in a plastic bag and put into the waste bin located at Seuratalo.


Pets are allowed in this cottage. Pet owners should pay special attention to the final cleaning so that the next visitors will have a pleasant start to their stay. 

Terms and Conditions

The Guest is fully responsible for the entire cottage as well as their friends. See the Terms and Conditions before you make a reservation. 


Verlantie 385,47850 Verla
Lomakohteen tyyppi:Mökki
Asuinpinta-ala:50 m²
Vuoteiden määrä:2


Varustelun kuvaus:The lakeside sauna is traditional wood-heated Sauna.
Pihan kuvaus:Big yard with a fire place.
Rannan kuvaus:Private shore with a pier.
Aktiviteettien kuvaus:Verla Cottages and Cabin are part of the World Heritage. The whole village with the groundwood and board mill in the middle represent a great piece of cultural history of Finnish forest industry. In addition, one of the best National Parks in southern Finland called Repovesi is located only about 30 min drive from Verla.


Verlan Mökit / Repovalkea Oy
Katso Meistä/yhteydenotot
Y-tunnus: 2363958-7
Verlan Mökit / Repovalkea Oy
Katso Meistä/yhteydenotot
Y-tunnus: 2363958-7
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