1856 Interest is aroused in Finland

A printer by the name of Carl Wilhelm Holmström was the first in Finland to plan the manufacture of paper made from wood. He was granted permission by the Senate to found a groundwood and paper mill in Viipuri, but abandoned the project.

1857 Neighbours get in first

The first groundwood mill was founded in Sweden in 1857, at Trollhättan. The Danish groundwood industry also dates from that year, and the Russian from 1858.

1859 Kinteri Mill

Achates Thuneberg, an apothecary, took up Holmström's rights and had the first groundwood mill in Finland built in the village of Kinteri near Viipuri.

1866 Tampere mill

Fredrick Idestam, a mining engineer, founded the Tampere Mill on the Tammerkoski rapids. The following year his groundwood won him a bronze medal at the Paris world expo.

1869 Finnish product development

Fredrick Idestam and Herman Kauffmann, director of the Tampere Engineering Works, developed and patented a new type of grinder. The following year Idestam made successful experiments with spruce as well as aspen.

1869 Mänttä Mill

Gustaf Adolf Serlachius, another apothecary, started up the groundwood mill he had built in the parish of Keuruu.

1869 Nokia Mill

Idestam's second groundwood mill started up on the banks of the Nokiankoski rapids.

1871 Kyröskoski Mill

The Tampere merchants L. J. Hammarén, G. O. Sumelius and August Nyberg bought a former cloth mill at Hämeenkyrö and turned it into a groundwood mill.

1872 Valkeakoski Mill

E.J. Granberg, an apothecary, and C.J. Villgrén, a merchant, had groundwood and papermills built on the Valkeakoski rapids at Sääksmäki.

1872 Inkeroinen Mill

Th. Leonard Hellström, a commercial agent, and Lieutenant General Carl August Strandertskjöld founded a groundwood, paper and board mill on the Anjalankoski rapids.

1872 Tampere gets a second groundwood mill

The Tammerfors Träsliperi Aktiebolag had a groundwood mill built on the upper reaches of the Tammerkoski rapids.

1872 Verla Mill

Hugo Neumann, an engineer, founded the ninth groundwood mill in Finland, on the Verlankoski rapids. The mill burnt down in 1876. In its place the Austrian-born paper expert Gottlieb Kreidl, the Viipuri Consul Wilhelm Dippel and the German-born paper expert Louis Haenel commissioned the building of a new groundwood and board mill that started up in 1882.

1873 Kuusankoski Mill

The groundwood, paper and board mill founded by Count Carl Robert Mannerheim began operating at Myllysaari, Kuusankoski.

1874 Kymi Mill

The groundwood, paper and board mill commissioned by Axel Wilhelm Wahren the industrialist went into production on the eastern bank of the Kuusankoski rapids.


The groundwood and paper mills founded by August Krogius the statesman on the river Rakkola in Viipuri brought to an end the first chapter in the history of groundwood mills in Finland.